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Hurricane Michael made landfall on October 10 as a devastating Category 4 hurricane with the LGBTQ Center of Bay County--known simply as "The Center"--in its path. The fourth strongest hurricane ever to strike the mainland United States barreled through the Florida Panhandle, tearing off part of The Center's roof and damaging or destroying much of the building's contents. Now we need your help to rebuild The Center so it can be even stronger!

The Center enhances and empowers Bay County's LGBTQ population through programs, services, and resources. In addition to its civil and human rights advocacy, The Center hosts PFLAG meetings, transgender support group meetings, weekly youth group meetings, and other trainings. It is the only LGBTQ youth resource in the Panhandle of Florida.

Our community has been disrupted in unimaginable ways, and with it, the already fragile lives of our most vulnerable youth and families. The Center is badly in need. The "to-do" list to resume serving the Panhandle's LGBTQ youth community is long:

  • replace damaged computers, refrigerator, television, electronics

  • replace damaged chairs and tables, restock the library and DVD collection

  • replenish craft supplies and the snack pantry, microwave

  • replace office supplies, cork board, white board, ink and printer paper, filing cabinets (letter size) with four drawers, locking

  • continue to develop programs and build on our initial investment to sustain the future of the Center